Chemical Analysis

SPECTROCHEMICAL ANALYSIS: by optical emission spectroscopy (OES),  ICP·AES spectroscopy (ICP), and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), wavelength dispersive method, for testing


  • Steel; alloy steel;  stainless steel; super stainless; nickel; monel; inconel; incoloy; copper; brass; bronze; aluminum; cobalt, lead; tin; zinc;
    babbit; tin; copper-nickel; hastelloy; titanium; corrosion & heat resistant alloys, hadfield steel and ferroalloys.
  • Geological materials, ceramics, glass, soil, waste materials, scale and deposits.
  • Carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen by combustion (ASTM E1019)
  • Oil analysis in aircraft, marine, heavy equipment, auto, diesel engines for wear metals.  Tests to check for TBN, TAN, viscosity,  water, glycol and fuel dilution are available for troubleshooting.


  • Classical wet method analysis for small parts, chip samples
  • Referee analysis
  • Precious metals and fire assay
  • Pharmaceutical materials and product by atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS)
  • Drinking water and waste water analysis;  filter analysis for metals
  • Carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen by combustion (ASTM E1019)
  • Lead and Cadmium release in ceramic and stoneware
  • Trace metals in raw materials and product
  • Lead in paint chips and toys 


  • Identification of chemical species, phases and formulations of solids, powders, scales, residues, corrosion products, material collected on filters and inorganic substances.
  • Determination of delta ferrite and retained austenite (ASTM E975, SAE SP453)
  • USP analysis
  • Identification of asbestos in geologic materials (egTalc),  insulation, floor tile, siding
  • Identification of water deposits (ASTM D934)


  • Semi quantitative analysis for elemental content of miscellaneous solids, liquids, powders, scales,residues, corrosion products

               OES analysis of a brass fitting