Corrosion Testing

  • ASTM A262- Practice A- Oxaclic Acid Etch
  • ASTM A262- Practice B- Streicher
  • ASTM A262- Practice C- Huey Test
  • ASTM A262- Practice E- Strauss (Copper Sulfate)
  • ASTM G28- Methods A and B
  • ASTM A923- Methods A,B,and C
  • ASTM G48- Pitting and Crevice Corrosion Test
  • GE E50YP11, E50YP20

Corrosion Test Apparatus

ASTM A262 Practice E bend test. Intergranular carbide precipitation caused surface cracks

Preferential pitting attack in Hastelloy C276
ASTM G28- method B

ASTM G48 Crevice test assembly